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Oscars 2018 – Academy Awards 2018

There is no doubt that Oscars are the most awaited ceremony of awarding the nation, which is watched immensely, although Oscar often feels long with speeches and distribution of prizes for about three hours, Oscar, known as Oscar, is considered one of the most famous awards in The United States. This is a set of 24 awards, which presents artists, music and films in the film industry. The Academy of Arts and the Sciences of Cinema actively participates in the distribution of Oscars every year.

Academy Awards 2018

This award recognizes the achievements of filmmakers nominated by voting members of the Academy. Then the winners in each category receive a gold statuette, officially called “Oscar for Merit”, known as “Oscar”. As the oldest award ceremony, Oscar is celebrated all over the world. You will get true happiness and joy if you can watch the broadcast of the Oscar in 2018.